Frequently Asked Question

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What do you mean by no perimeter wire?

Thanks to the RTK and multiple sensor fusion system, users can just set virtual boundaries and make JOYBEE K2 mow automatically with cm-level accuracy within the boundaries.

Why did JOYBEE K2 select an RTK+VLSAM system when most competitors rely on RTK alone?

RTK provide effective localization in most of the time, but the RTK signals are easily disrupted by ionosphere, and blocked by buildings trees and hedges, JOYBEE K2 intergrated the VSLAM navigation with RTK localization,the RTK provide centimeter accuracy localizaiton in open space. and the vslam enable real time navigation in places where RTK singal is missing

How tall is the RTK antenna receiver of the charging base?

The standard height of the RTK antenna receiver is 1.8m.If possible, You can also setthe antenna on the roof of your house.

Can the app be used remotely, for example when l am not at home?

With Joylife App, you can remotely preset and update the mowingparameters for each zone,as well as check JOYBEE K2's status in real-time.

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Does JOYBEE K2 charge itself when the battery is low?

JOYBEE K2 will automatically go back to the charging dock when the battery is low,and will pick up and start mowing again from where it left, after it's 85%charged.

What is the cutting width and height of K2?

The dual cutting plates provide advanced cutting up to 200mm in width andan adjustable cutting height of 25-60mm set via the app.

what is the Rain Sensor?

The Rain Sensor enables K2 to detect rain , and it will automatically goback to the charging dock to prevent catching the rain. When the rain stops,K2 will continue the unfinished mowing task.ln addition, K2 has an lPX6 waterproof level, but we advise not to mow on rainy days for a healthier lawn.

Does K2 always have to be connected to WiFi?

Once you have set the mapping, K2 performs the entire workflow by itself,even without WIFl.lf you have WlFl enabled, you can check the status of K2 and receive notifications remotely on your mobile device.