Virtual boundaries

Ditch old-fashioned perimeter wires,

set up virtual boundaries with the Joybee smart app,

and enjoy an effortless mowing experience at your fingertips

3DTOF Obtacle Avoidance

The groundbreaking 3DTOF obstacle avoidance technology

understands surroundings in real-time,

plans optimal collision-free routes, taking over so you can relax

S-Shape cutting route

S-Shape mowing routes optimized for maximum efficiency,

covering every inch of your lawn without misses or repeats.

Intelligently customized for meticulous, flawless coverage edge-to-edge

Multi-Zone Management

With the JOYBEE APP, You can easily set up mowing tasks for multiple working areas, and create channels between them. Set different schedules, cutting modes and cutting heights for each mowing zone. Joybee puts you in charge to design specialized care everywhere. Smart navigation smoothly transitions between zones. Set up an automated, multi-zone mowing plan matched to your property

No-go-zone Setting

Joybee puts you in control of where your robotic mower can and can't go. Through the app, set virtual boundaries around gardens, play areas, pools - any zones you want off-limits. Simply draw no-go zones on your lawn's map. Create multiple shapes and sizes to fit spaces perfectly. The mower automatically avoids mowing no-go zones, preventing accidents and damage. Adjust zone settings to permit mowing at certain times and restrict access at others. Easily update zones as needs change.

Schedule mowing

Through our app, easily schedule mowing whenever fits your calendar. Customize recurring sessions, so you never have to request service again. At your scheduled time, your robotic mower will automatically start, methodically manicuring your lawn without supervision. Sit back and leave the work to our autonomous mower.